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Take a look at our special collection of wholesale handbags, clutch bags, wallets and purses. These are must-see wallets for every woman who wants to look stunning on any occasion. No matter what kind of colors, styles and designs you need, at you can easily find one that best suits your wardrobe.

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Floral Handbags

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You don’t have to be super girly to appreciate and incorporate some flower motifs into your wardrobe. As you enjoy the nice spring weather and anticipate the coming sunny summer months, why not celebrate it with nice Wholesale Flower Handbags shopping? Flower designs or floral inspired pieces are varied and versatile. It can either be as the dominant theme or it can be a subtly incorporated detail. The latter option is perfect if flower designs are not your thing but still would want to wear something that has the cheery and sunny effect of flowers. Wholesale Flower Handbags can accentuate various kinds of outfits worn by ladies from various walks of life. Whether you are a student, an artist, or someone from the corporate world, there is a floral based design that will fit your taste and lifestyle. Whether you are the newest intern in a company or part of upper management, you want to look your best in the office as this will help in promoting your professional growth. Wholesale Tote Handbags with floral designs are usually best for office wear. They are roomy and sturdy – qualities that are ideal as you will most probably be using your bag to carry documents, a tablet, or even a small laptop. These are very versatile as well. Some bags with floral designs or accents, as shown in the Max Purse website, can be worn from day to night. As any working girl can tell you, a bag that you can wear in the office in daytime and won’t look out of place at night when you are out for drinks with co-workers or at an industry event with clients, is a lifesaver. Max Purse also has several Wholesale Wallets perfect for women who are on the rise to the top. For students who are preparing to go back to school, getting a new bag is a priority. Check out some of the items in Max Purse that have a casual and more laid back design. For example the Wholesale Flower Handbags made of fabric are perfect for students and are roomy enough to carry their books and laptops. There are indeed a lot of bag choices that will fit several fashion preferences and range of budgets.